Clean Up Your Act

Since 08' CUYA has been bringing raging shows to Edmonton, AB. With well over 100 under our belt and more coming every month CUYA is fucking great and you should know about it. Dealing primarily Punk, Hardcore, Grind and Metal, but there is some suprises here and there too. CUYA has booked 100s of bands from Canada, Europe and America. Been featured in the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Vue Magazine, Beatroute, Reefercussions Zine and more! Get stoked! Get rowdy!!

Jul 9

Oi Polloi this Friday and Saturday! July 13 and 14!!

i am so stoked i feel like i’m gonna puke!!

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    Hah. I hope that clown is supposed to be Fat Mike.
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    aghg, I’m so sad I’m missing this
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