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Since 08' CUYA has been bringing raging shows to Edmonton, AB. With well over 100 under our belt and more coming every month CUYA is fucking great and you should know about it. Dealing primarily Punk, Hardcore, Grind and Metal, but there is some suprises here and there too. CUYA has booked 100s of bands from Canada, Europe and America. Been featured in the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Vue Magazine, Beatroute, Reefercussions Zine and more! Get stoked! Get rowdy!!

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Apr 23

two posters for our awesome 5 year birthday part!

be shout outs to Kelly and Kyle for making these

Sep 8

I am really stoked to see Weirding! I have been blasting them steady that last few days. They are from Vancouver and will be playing Oct 6th at the Bohemia Cafe, there is some solid local metal on this as well, Display of Decay and Pyscotik Tantrum, it’s good to see some newer stuff. Cathar are coming from Van as well. I am pumped, Cathar and Pyscotik Tantrum both have female members, it’s good to see more women involved in Metal. it’s on ten bucks, come out and support underground metal.

Aug 28

Support all ages shows in Edmonton


Support all ages shows in Edmonton

Aug 1

Awesome locals got to open for the living punk legends OI Polloi. Raptor Strike, No Porblem, Kroovy Rookers, Dirtbags and Intensives