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Since 08' CUYA has been bringing raging shows to Edmonton, AB. With well over 100 under our belt and more coming every month CUYA is fucking great and you should know about it. Dealing primarily Punk, Hardcore, Grind and Metal, but there is some suprises here and there too. CUYA has booked 100s of bands from Canada, Europe and America. Been featured in the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Vue Magazine, Beatroute, Reefercussions Zine and more! Get stoked! Get rowdy!!

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Aug 7


Oi Polloi interview recorded at the New Direction Fest in Olympia, Washington on Sunday August 5th, 2012

Aug 1

Awesome locals got to open for the living punk legends OI Polloi. Raptor Strike, No Porblem, Kroovy Rookers, Dirtbags and Intensives

Oi Polloi at DV8/Artery, they were amazing. We all cramed in, sang together, and shouted “oi oi oi” and somehow did not feel the least silly about it. It was a great feeling, like being a kid again

Jul 10

Jul 9

Oi Polloi this Friday and Saturday! July 13 and 14!!

i am so stoked i feel like i’m gonna puke!!

Jun 4

Oi Polloi:  July 13th  18+ at the DV8 and  All ages at the Artery on July 14th 

After over a year of planning and exchanging e mails I can finally and proudly announce Scotland’s OI POLLOI will be playing two shows in Edmonton in July! Oi Polloi has been around since 1981, and like many other punks Oi Polloi was fundamental in showing me the way as a young punker. I can recall spray painting their slogans around town as a young man. Songs like Bash the Fash, Boot Down the Door and, Nazi Scum are burned into my subconscious. Oi Polloi taught me about equality, environmental issues and most important animal rights issues that helped form the ideologies that I live my life by today. Oi Polloi will be playing their first western Canada dates on this tour, and truthfully you may never have a chance to see them in Edmonton again, so don’t miss it!! Thanks to the slew of bands who have asked to play these shows already, I really appreciate the interest; however the bill is more or less filled and will be announced soon!!