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Since 08' CUYA has been bringing raging shows to Edmonton, AB. With well over 100 under our belt and more coming every month CUYA is fucking great and you should know about it. Dealing primarily Punk, Hardcore, Grind and Metal, but there is some suprises here and there too. CUYA has booked 100s of bands from Canada, Europe and America. Been featured in the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Vue Magazine, Beatroute, Reefercussions Zine and more! Get stoked! Get rowdy!!

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Oct 25

Oct CUYA shows!

May 1
awesome show coming up at the end of the may my frineds

awesome show coming up at the end of the may my frineds

Apr 23

colour variants

two posters for our awesome 5 year birthday part!

be shout outs to Kelly and Kyle for making these

Apr 19

two posters for Unfun

Feb 25

March is gonna kick your ass.

Feb 12

Your days of stokedlessness have come to a close my friend.

Nov 6

Here is the poster and press photos for the Hardcore for Humanity show Nov 9th. This is the second year we have done this event, and it’s a good chance for the Punkers, Gordon Skramsays and Hardcore Heads to all get together for a the common good. If you are into feel good mosh and drinking for a good cause this is the event pour vous. The photos are of members of Breakbeat ( , Todos ( ,Exits (, myself ( and Community members from the Bissell Centre! absent is members of Contention and Detroit! Scope me and James from Todos on Breakfast TV on City TV this wednesday at 6:20 am, where we will surly be in top form to talk about the event.

Oct 16

Oct 14

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